The charter of the group: Contextualizing and teaching the use of force to equip end-users with proportional responses to high risk threats.

Informing this work is a large catalogue of courses via I.C.E. Training Company, Shivworks, and Safer Faster Defense, organizations through which members of the group frequently develop themselves as students and instructors. These internationally recognized companies also provide curriculum vetting to the group.

The team serves western Wisconsin first, but covers a roughly one-day driving radius.

The Team

RobinRobin Godolphin

Robin holds multiple certifications in some of the most sought after defensive programs available today. He also possesses an intuitive ability to communicate otherwise complex concepts.

Teaching adults in various capacities for over a decade, Robin has found a calling in the field of Personal Defense. In 2010 he helped establish what would become The Ungentlemanly Training Group, or simply Ungentlemanly Training.

Robin travels and trains year round, teaching both applied skills and administrative courses such as Concealed Carry.

Jameson NelmsIMG_0947

Jameson is an Infantry Squad Leader with the Wisconsin Army National Guard, serving tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. His military experience includes mounted and dismounted Quick Reaction and Personal Security roles. He has trained in modern army combatives and is a squad designated marksman. Jameson is also trained in the use of current less-than-lethal weapons deployed by the military and law enforcement.

A founding member of the Ungentlemanly Team, Jameson is also third-party certified to teach a spectrum of skills geared toward avoiding fights, or ending them in appropriate and safe ways.

Additionally, Jameson travels and teaches administrative curricula to satisfy state and agency requirements for training.